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Business Support Courses running throughout 2022

South East Business Boost
12 Hours of FREE Business Support consisting of workshops and 1-2-1 mentoring

The South East Business Boost 12 hour courses are open to new and established businesses in the Essex, Southend and Thurrock local authority areas. 

Designed to help to get your business moving again post pandemic. 

Driving Profit by Improving Supply Chain Management. Through Processes, People, Procurement & Performance *New Course*

An interactive 3 hour workshop designed for delegates who wish to have a deeper understanding of SCM alongside a review of their own Supply Chain Process. Gain insights into how you can streamline your businesses processes, save costs and time, produce less waste and build stronger relationships; all to drive profit.  

Understanding Supply Chain Management 
What and who is involved in your supply chain?
Chain Resilience and weak links
Growing your supply chain relationships
Synchronising supply
Inventory Management
Creating Net Value
Measuring Performance
SCM Action Plan 

Who should attend? 

Businesses of all sizes who wish to have a deeper understanding of Supply Chain Management alongside a review of their own Supply Chain Process. 

Essentials for early stages of Business

The business essentials for the early days of your business journey. Covering, Products and Customers, Channels and Relationships, Running the Business and Making the Numbers stick!

New dates being launched shortly! 

Who should attend? 

New Businesses owners that want to ensure they have all the right things in place to trade.  Businesses owners trading less than 3 years that want to review their current business strategy.

Digital Marketing

Find out more about how Digital Marketing can help you to grow your business. Using Social Media platforms, develop a Marketing Strategy and more. 

Who should attend? 

 Businesses that want to understand the best Social Media platforms for their business. Businesses that want help to develop a Digital Marketing strategy. People who want to grow their business via Digital Marketing.  

Digital Marketing - The Fundamentals (3 hours), followed by short (1 hour) focused digital marketing sessions

Digital Marketing Fundamentals  

Focused Sessions

Creating a Facebook business page and Facebook Advertising 
Tips to keep Facebook Happy 
Linked In for Business 
Creating and Using Instagram 
Setting up and using Twitter for your Business 
The importance of getting Digital Marketing messages to the right people
Blogging for your Business
The importance of using video in Digital Marketing 
Are you using the right images? 
You Tube, Video Creation, editing, adding music 
Social Selling 
How SEO works for Digital Marketing 

Business Strategy Development

Achieve a  thorough understanding of your entire business on a single page with an action plan of what needs to get done in a timely manner with our Business Strategy workshop.   

Who should attend? 

Businesses that want to review and develop their current business strategy. Businesses that need to develop a new way of finding and communicating with customers. Businesses owners that want to know how they are perceived by their customers. 

Video and Graphic Content Creation

This exciting new course allows businesses to learn how to how to create visually appealing digital content to help your business stand out online and create engaging video content for your business.  Given the importance of visual media in today’s society, the moving image is by far the most important form of advertising that exists.  This course shows you how to create stunning video & Graphic content for use online.

New dates being launched shortly!

Who should attend? 

 Aimed at small to medium sized businesses, this course will show you how to use free design software to create graphic materials for your business whilst being guided by an expert tutor.

How to Sell More

Increase your confidence and motivation for closing sales and winning more business.

Who should attend? 

  Business owners that need confidence with selling. Business owners that want to increase sales to the right customers.  Established business owners that have an existing client base.  Business owners that want tools & processes to increase client retention levels and grow revenue from existing clients & customers.

Project Management

Obtain a thorough understanding of the tools and techniques that modern project managers use to deliver simple and complex
projects on time and within budget. This course covers, The Project Management Canvas,  Starting a project the right way, Running the project and managing risk and completing projects. 

New dates being launched shortly! 

Who should attend? 

Businesses owners that want to introduce project management methodologies into their business. Businesses who already run projects but feel that they do not wholly succeed in meeting the needs of their customers. Businesses owners that have projects management already underway and would like an overview of the current best practice tools and techniques.

Accounting Essentials, Managing Your Finances, Cashflow and Forecasting, Raising Finance for your business

Whether you are experienced in running a business or just starting up, understanding the numbers is a key ingredient for success. These bite-sized courses will give you an introduction to the key financial considerations for any business, provide you with the tools to enable you to measure financial performance and help you to consider funding options should they be required


Who should attend? 

Start ups or experienced businesses

Innovation Canvas *New Course*

Have you ever thought about bringing a new idea to market? 

This 3 hour workshops give you an introduction to………

Walk through the core elements of the innovation, Unique Features – the product and what makes it special. Technical Feasibility – the access to expertise for development. IPR – how or will you protect this innovation? Production Process – inhouse or outsourced? 
Cost Structure – development costs and bills of materials. Project Planning – time, cost, people and risk. Exploring the business case. Market Need – the customers, the value proposition and the relationship needed. Commercial Engagement – channels to market, competitive analysis,  revenue streams. Talent Management – building successful teams internally and with third parties. 



Who should attend? 

Any business looking to bring a new idea to market 

Why you need to set up Google Analytics 4 NOW

Join us for a 3 hour session on why you need to set up Google Analytics 4 NOW.  Hopefully you are using analytics to measure the traffic coming to your website. If you’re not, now is a good time to make sure you are. If you are, you’re probably using Google Analytics. 

Who should attend? 

Recruitment and Retention – Best practice for hiring your workforce

Join us for a workshop which will give you the basics of hiring from planning stage to onboarding your new starters.

Who should attend? 

Whether you are an experienced hirer for your business or just starting up, understanding the hiring process and challenges faced with hiring in 2022 is key.
This bite-sized 3-hour session will give you an introduction to the considerations needed to set up your recruitment in the right way, at the right time to get the right outcomes.
We will provide you with the tools to assess your current practices or set up new ones.

Our Experts Trainers and Mentors

Michael Niles - Digital Marketing and Leadership and Management Trainer

Vicky Elliott-Potter - Increasing your Sales and Supply Chain Management Trainer

If your business could benefit from Micheal, Vicky or any of our expert trainers knowledge, apply to the programme today!

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Please note that if your business has received any support via the SEBB Programme since 2017 (including a grant, advice or workshops) then unfortunately you will not be eligible to receive further support from this programme.